In the beginning

Prestigious yarns since 1978

For over 35 years our company has been producing yarns in the field of embroidery and embroidery using the finest fibers on the market as yarns in Mako 'cotton, viscose, linen, silk and cashmere, thanks to professionalism, taste and continuous development following fashions and trends is one of the leading companies in the sector. Born in 1978 on the idea of ​​its founder Flario Masi, who, having reached the retirement goal, decided to invest his liquidation and his knowledge in the textile field in the dream of a life, his own business.

The company is conceived in a factory in the center of the country where a limited production of cotton yarns is started for direct sales to small customers in the area and then move to Tuscany, its homeland, which allows it to establish itself in a short time and consequently expand sales and consolidate in the panorama of manufacturing companies in Piedmont. In 1984, after only 6 years from birth, the business is transferred to its current location in the outskirts of the country, to expand departments and specialize in the production of various items with different raw materials with excellent results. In the 90s the export of yarns began in Switzerland and Germany, satisfying any commercial request with care and attention, over the years it became increasingly more international, to date, in addition to its country, it serves most of the European countries and some countries beyond Ocean.

Born as a company for yarns, the continuous successes on the market and the love for the textile industry have contributed to the choice of expanding articles in various sectors for the industry, producing items for hosiery, knitwear and weaving.